Ranjana Mitra

Founder and Executive Director

Ranjana Mitra is the co-founder and Executive Director of Community Epeternvironment Alliance. An avid environmentalist, a people person and an ardent community developer, Ranjana is known for her passion to give voice to the voice-less, promote eco-conscious lifestyle, and develop innovative solutions to mitigate complex sustainability challenges facing our times.. Renowned as a Diversity Leader, Ranjana has been recognized for her dedicated contributions to the Canadian society and beyond – including the prestigious Meritorious Service Medal and Decoration by the Governor General of Canada.


Sarah Verma

Coordinator, Programs & Partnerships

Having always been curious and amazed by nature, Sarah finds it easy to take on new initiatives that tackle environmental issues. Trained in the sciences and a certified yoga teacher, she wants to contribute her skills in bringing community together while solving environmental problems.


Keane Tan

Technical Analyst

Keane is the CEA Technical Analyst. Combining his technical background with teaching experience, Keane leads the Share-IT program and supports CEA in all things IT. With interests in computer repairs, webpages, and computer programming, Keane is the perfect fit for bringing Share-IT to the community.

Our mandate is to improve the quality of lives of individuals, families and communities
by promoting responsible stewardship and caring actions.

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