The GreenSkills project is designed to help new immigrants in Peel and Halton Regions learn about the emerging Green Sector in Canada.

GreenSkills participants can access the “GreenSkills Competency Assessment Tool” to assess individual competency and delineate the prudent GreenSkills Pathway Plan to connect with the sector. Mentoring support, networking opportunities and technical support are also offered to help participants transition into the sector with knowledge, confidence and above all – competence.

GreenSkills Competency Assessment Tool

This web-based interactive tool helps potential candidates assess their competencies in a supportive environment and ‘connect’ with the Green Sector. Community Environment Alliance has developed this tool with inputs from businesses and organizations willing to open their doors to newcomers and new graduates.

Financial support is provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Environmental Immigrant Bridging (EIB) Program

CEA conducts this program in partnership with ECO Canada. The goal of the program is to address the skill gaps in some of the emerging areas within the environmental sector, while assisting qualified and highly motivated professionals to overcome entry barriers and integrate into the Canadian environmental sector.

Greening Sacred Spaces Halton-Peel North Initiative (GSS-HPN)

A collaborative project between CEA, Halton Environment Network (HEN) and Faith and Common Good

Launched in August 2012, Greening Sacred Spaces is a three-year collaborative project between CEA, Halton Environment Network and the Faith and Common Good. The primary objective of this project is to engage faith communities across Peel-Halton regions in environmental stewardship and action.

Over the next three years, Community Environment Alliance will work with diverse faith communities to understand the challenges and barriers they face in embracing greening actions for their congregation. Using innovative tools and resources CEA engages faith communities and its members to promote environmental and social stewardship.

Environment and Diversity Project (EDP)

Launched in 2009, Environment and Diversity Project is a four-year collaborative initiative that aims to encourage the Ontario Environmental NGO (ENGO) community to develop and implement strategies that will engage under-represented communities in their work. CEA, as one of six leading ENGOs in this collaborative, has been contributing to this project by ensuring the voice of ethno-cultural communities is heard effectively.

As with all its projects, Community Environment Alliance is the voice of the new immigrants and other marginalised ethnic groups and is focussed in promoting more diversity and inclusiveness in the environmental sector.

Shape the Future (STF) Youth Leadership Initiative

The Shape the Future youth leadership initiative was a five-year project that was designed to develop eco-consciousness and sense of responsibility among youth. The program included two primary components – the EnergySmart Youth Ambassador Initiative and the Shape the Future Youth Leadership Certification.

To get the project going, CEA worked with elementary, middle and high school children in Peel Region on how to become global citizens and initiate positive change. A 15 module global citizenship curriculum was developed to teach these children issues concerning the environment, poverty alleviation, standing-up against bullying, understanding global economic affair, fair trade, sustainability, health and nutrition. As a part of this project, the students also acquired essential project and budget management skills.

More than 150 youth participated in the EnergySmart program and over 20 students completed the STF Leadership program. The program also led to the youth launching their own project on food security – ‘Meals with Love’- that provided fresh, nutritious food baskets to families in need.

The STF program was made possible through a multi-year grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation. The Meals with Love initiative was funded by United Way Youth in Action Grant.

Community Growing Project

The Healthy Way Community Farm is a sustainable urban farming project. It aims to provide families in need with access to fresh and healthy food, as well as reduce poverty in the community. This community-based farming project addresses food security issues and seeks to promote healthy eating habits through community-based food production.

Driven by its mandate to provide healthy food to families that require assistance, the Healthy Way Community Farm practises organic farming.Currently, Community Environment Alliance is looking to build partnership with schools and faith organizations in the Region of Peel, Halton and Dufferin County who will be interested in the Community Growing Project.

Your Community. Your Farm

If you are a school or a faith organization in Peel, Halton and Dufferin County and is interested in establishing a Community Sharing Garden or Garden Plots for your congregation or community, Community Environment Alliance looks forward to connecting with you.Please feel free to give us a call at (905)463-9941.

Our mandate is to improve the quality of lives of individuals, families and communities
by promoting responsible stewardship and caring actions.

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