People are at the heart of what we do.

We lead people and community centric development to enable individual and community well-being. At the core of our programs, our work builds on innovation, knowledge and evidence driven programming. Our unwavering commitment and passion to create a long term systemic impact is what keeps us mindful about what we do, every single day. We see ourselves as enablers of transformative change by working at the intersection of 5 A’s: Access, Agility, Adaptability, Affordability and Awareness.

Our core programs focus on improving the quality of life for all, by fostering inclusive development, at the material, physical, environmental and psychological level. Our key interventions are:

An award-winning community program that collects used computers and peripherals, refurbishes and distributes them to people in need, while adhering to environmentally safe methods of recycling.
Active Living for a Healthy Community or Act-Heal is an initiative designed to promote physical, emotional and mental health for all.
Food is love. Food is money. Food is life. Let's prevent food waste. Because it’s food, not waste.