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Let Us Help Build a Food Secured Canada – One Home at a Time


The tremendous quantity of wholesome food wasted in our food system is a critical socio-economic and environmental concern. As we keep wasting wholesome nutritious food for no good reason – 3.2 million Canadians and 1 in 6 children in Canada experience food insecurity!

Further, the disparity between food and nutrition gap is on the rise.

Food waste and food security challenges are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and intrinsically inter-related. A deeper positive relationship exists between reduction of food waste, elimination of hunger and poverty reduction strategy. The Food for All program envisions a food secured future where combating food waste is integral to food and nutrition security, job creation, environmental protection and sustainable community building.

Food Future Definition: A sustainable food future ensures physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, healthy and nutritious food to meet dietary need and food preferences for living a healthy life.