Act Heal

What is Act Heal?

As part of the Healthy Community Building Initiatives, Active Living for a Healthy Community or Act-Heal is an initiative designed to promote the physical, emotional and mental health for all.

Launched in 2006, the program offers physical and healthy living activities to adults and seniors from culturally diverse communities. Over a decade, the program has been supported by the Central West Local Health Integration Network(CW LHIN) in partnership with Bramalea Community Health Centre (BCHC) and Brampton Library . The program has impacted the mental health and well-being of over 13496+ seniors.

The program cultivates experiential learning among the individuals-in-need through multiple practices, resources and tools to educate and empower themselves in each aspect of life. The program combines several techniques from:

    • yoga, pranayama, and other types of meditation
    • tai-chi
    • meditative walks
    • music and dance
    • group activities
    • nature walks
    • art and crafts
    • memory games

to a variety of other mindful and attention augmenting practices and activities. Additionally, the clients are educated on self-paced, techniques and mindfulness exercises.

“After attending Act-Heal sessions my blood pressure is under control and I feel more active too.”
– Kulwant Hunjan

“I lost 15 lbs. and I feel good. My sugar level has decreased too”.
– Urmila Gandhi

“Since I am coming to the sessions I feel so much better, my pain is so much better, love coming to the classes. Thank you for helping us”.
– Claudette Thompson