CEA Established
Share-IT Program Launched
Share-IT is awarded Ontario Trillium
Foundations Great Grant Chair’s Award.
Act Heal program starts
Air Quality Health
Index Outreach starts
Share-IT receives the Canadian Environment Award Index starts
Shape the Future Youth Leadership Program starts
Energy Smart starts
Share-IT is showcased in the First Canadian National Summit on Social Innovation
Eco Driver outreach starts
Environment & Diversity Initiative starts
Shape the Future graduates launch Meals with Love.
Farm launched
Eco-resources for LINC and ESL created
GreenSkills competency tool launched
Greening Sacred Spaces launched
LINC and ESL resources go online

Community Environment Alliance (CEA) is a national and provincial award winning, innovative, non-profit, community based organization committed to building safe, healthy and sustainable community by integrating social, economic and environmental well-being of our community. Founded in 2003, Community Environment Alliance has since been delivering innovative programs and services embracing the principle of sustainable community development adhering to millennium development goals. We develop and deliver programs and services that are holistic in nature and foster integrative well-being in all facets of community life – economic, social, environmental and cultural. We work with inter- and intra-sectoral collaboration with open and transparent approach.

We focus on providing holistic, client focused programs and services that address two critical pillars of poverty – digital insecurity and food insecurity. We also take a holistic approach to alleviating poverty and improving community well-being by exploring the links between human well-being, poverty and eco-system services.

    1. Build e-inclusive society and break the cycle of poverty.
    Digital insecurity, like food insecurity, is a serious issue grappling our communities. We are committed to reducing the digital divide between the ‘have-more and have-less’ and building an e-inclusive society where everyone, regardless of their financial or circumstantial situation, are able to access the benefits of technology and tools to better their lives. We believe that every child, every adult, every student and every senior in our community must have the opportunity to access, learn and advance digital technology to participate effectively in today’s digital economy. To that end our flagship Share IT Computers for Community program provides customized reconditioned computers, printers and software along with technical support, cyber safety training and digital literacy support to low income families, students and children with special needs to enable them to transition to a better tomorrow.
    2. Enhance community health and access to food: We believe that a healthy community is one where Individuals are valued, families are nurtured, and community members are engaged in shaping the future; where everyone, irrespective of their financial situation, is able to access and afford healthy and nutritious food; where children grow up in a safe and supported environment surrounded by positivity and hope and where seniors are able to live an active, healthy and independent lifestyle. We believe that a community is as healthy as the physical, emotional and cognitive health of people living there. Core program and services include ActHeal Community Wellness program and Healthy Food Baskets for low-income families, seniors and newcomers facing food insecurity issues that aredelivered weekly year round.
    3. Inspire community engagement and stewardship to ensure a clean, green and healthy environment for all. We believe that active community engagement is imperative to building a safe, healthy and sustainable community – because human health is directly influenced by the health of the surrounding environment that sustains our life and growth. Our stewardship actions include raising community awareness on indoor and outdoor air quality as it affects human health and the environment.

We take pride in our passion, and humbly acknowledge the support that we received from the community at large. CEA works with great respect and strong credibility within the community. We take the trust bestowed on us by our clients, partners, funders and supporters with utmost sincerity and respect.

The awards and recognition, including the media coverage that we have received over the years are from word of mouth only – which we believe is a strong testament to our passion, integrity, sincerity, and dedication for what we do.

CEA has a strong foundation of values that members of the team recognize and implement through service.

Our belief: If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right!

Our Story

Ten years ago it began as a crusade to change the way a Canadian community recycled e-waste, today CEA is touching hundreds of lives with its numerous grassroots programs, changing the way people live and the way they interact with the environment.

It was while working on a Canadian International Development Agency project, Ranjana Mitra, the founder of CEA was first exposed to the problems the vulnerable in society encounter. When Ranjana came face to face with the enormous and hazardous issue of e-waste and its harmful effects on the marginalized communities who handle it, she turned to her background as an engineer and the experience she had gained working for NGOs to become an agent of change.

Having found her calling, with a small band of equally passionate volunteers and supporters, and funding from Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ranjana started CEA and its Share-IT program in 2003. And the rest is history.


Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Quality
  • Diversity
  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Respect

Our mandate is to improve the quality of lives of individuals, families and communities
by promoting responsible stewardship and caring actions.

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Food waste and food security challenges are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and intrinsically inter-related.
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