Take the Food Wise Challenge!

Let’s Prevent Food Waste. Because it’s Food, not Waste

Wasting food has become widely accepted in our community. In Canada, 6 million tonnes of food is wasted every single year – that’s equivalent to the combined weight of 6 million Honda Civics cars in the landfills!

Not only that, almost 50% of that waste comes from our HOMES. Not grocery stores or restaurants, but from kitchens like yours and ours all over the country.

Something happens between the grocery store and the garbage bin that leads us to waste almost 1/3rd of everything that we buy. For every 3 bags of apples, one entire bag of perfectly good apples is thrown directly into the bin – that’s a lot of waste!

With wasting good food comes the loss of something we consider even more valuableMONEY! On average, a Canadian family of four loses almost $1500 every single year because of food waste!

What if we told you that you can learn ways to save good food and $1500 of your hard earned cash?

What if we told you that these ways are both simple and easy?

What if we told you that we will even give you customized solutions to get you saving fast, FREE of charge?

No catch – all the benefits of a zero food waste lifestyle for you and your family to enjoy.

It’s time to waste less food and enjoy more.