Workplace Essential
Skills Certificate

A self-paced computer course with mentor support

by the end of the course you will:

  • Earn the Share-IT Workplace Essential Skills Certificate. To qualify for certification, a passing grade of 80% or more is required.
  • Understand fundamentals of computing and how to operate confidently
  • Learn the fundamentals of Word, Excel and Powerpoint to build competence
  • Learn how to use email to communicate effectively
  • Learn how to use the Internet for research and job searching
  • Understand risks and threats for computer security and privacy to safely navigate the Internet


  • Receive personalized support from a mentor
  • May qualify to take the course for subsidized rate or at no cost (eligibility applies)
  • Access to a professional computer lab
  • May qualify to receive a customized computer system for subsidized rate or at no cost (eligibility applies)
Time Commitment Lab Hours Fee

You have 4 weeks to complete the course during lab hours.
Standard completion time is 24 hours.

Fall Lab Hours Coming Soon $99*

*Subject to change at discretion of Community Environment Alliance


How is this course delivered?

The course uses a self-learning approach with support from a mentor. The course information is presented using text, simulations, animations, games, and hands-on activities to provide a rich learning experience for different types of learners. At the end of the course, learners will take a test to earn the Share-IT Workplace Essential Skills Certificate.

Are there refunds?

Unfortunately, there will be no refunds available. However, the credit can be used for future courses. 

Is this course for me?

This course is ideal for one with basic reading skills who wants to learn the fundamentals of computer technology for job-related purposes. It is designed for learners who have basic computer operations knowledge (such as using the keyboard and mouse, opening and closing files on the computer) and are familiar with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

What is the mentor’s role?

The mentor guides you, answers questions you may have throughout the course and evaluates the final assessment test.

Do I have to attend all lab hours?

The average number of hours it takes to complete the course is 24 hours. Up to 48 lab hours are available for you to complete your coursework over the 4-week period from your start date. 

Can I do non-course work at the lab?

The lab is only available to Community Technology Centre members to complete their course work.


222 Advance Boulevard, Unit 7, Brampton, ON