Active Living for a Healthy Community or ActHeal is an initiative designed to promote the physical, emotional and mental health of low income, marginalized seniors.


Launched in 2006, the program offers physical and healthy living activities to older adults and seniors from culturally diverse communities. The program is supported by the Central West Local Health Integration Network(CW LHIN) in partnership with Bramalea Community Health Centre (BCHC). The program currently has over 70 sustained participants and has directly served 3283 seniors since its inception.

ActHeal is delivered in a culturally sensitive way, ActHeal promotes social cohesion, helps build new friendships, and encourages positive thinking and community belongingness.

A Health and Wellness Program

ActHeal provides easy, accessible and affordable healthy living alternatives to improve the body, mind and spirit of seniors. It helps them live their lives with reduced pain, higher flexibility, better balance and positive attitude.

One of the primary goals of ActHeal is to alleviate the isolation seniors experience due to lack of mobility and social support. Senior friendly yoga, guided meditation and easy aerobic sessions are organized to enhance cardiac health and rejuvenate their mind and spirit. ActHeal also includes art therapy, creative expression, eco-art (art made of environmental friendly materials or used materials) and interpretive nature walk.

Seniors who have taken part in ActHeal sessions have experienced a significant improvement in their joint movement, balance and quality of life. Other than engaging participants in physical activity, the program also conducts interactive discussions on healthy living and social recreation, while enforcing and encouraging mental positivity. ActHeal also provides a non-judgmental supportive environment for everyone.

ActHeal and Your Community

CEA looks forward to building meaningful partnerships with like-minded organizations to expand the impact of ActHeal in various neighbourhoods. If you are interested in partnering with ActHeal, please contact CEA at